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Initiative Response - Members Only

An Initiative Response Award Letter

I.R. Badges on the LWA member bag

Do you like adventure? Push the boundaries of your correspondence by enrolling in the Initiative Response. This program is a call and response, with initiatives based on themes and the endowment of an emblem upon completion of the tasks. Right now we have three initiative projects and will be adding more in the future:

1. World Traveler
2. Typist
3. Out of the Box

Each initiative has three tasks you need to complete in order to be awarded that initiative's emblem. There is no time-limit or obligation to complete these tasks. Only those who submit completed initiatives will be awarded emblems. The award emblems are hand-embroidered by Kathy and fit perfectly onto the ribbon strips on the front flap of the LWA member bags.

Only members can participate in this project.
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