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Moth Mail (Aux Postal #1)

Photos by Wayne Vanderkuil

Stay up late and write letters. We've harnessed the power of the Stellate Moth to deliver your insomnia-driven musings. Our eclipse of moths has been trained to serve as letter carriers through the ingenious scientific manipulation of naturally occurring soporific pheromones.

This carefully packaged set comes with:
• six handmade lunar envelopes
• a rubber cancellation stamp as large as a Stellate Moth's wingspan (3.5"x1")
• twelve artistamps that follow the moon phase
• Stellate Moth field notes, as written by our expert, in-house lepidopterist Dr. Shoggoth.
• paper model of a Stellate Moth

Because the Stellate Moth's pheromones are used to print Moth Mail postage stamps, the moon phase occurring when you purchase your set will determine which postage stamps you receive. New moon stamps are black; full moon stamps are white; and waxing/waning moons are a combination of both black and white. There is no gum on these postage stamps, as saliva interferes with the active pheromones.

$45 for your personal Moth Mail post office

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