Pneumatic Post Kit

Remember the joy of going to the drive-through at the bank and popping that deposit tube into the pneumatic pipe? Bring back that sense of wonder with our Pneumatic Post. This kit brings back the Victorian pneumatic tube system and updates it for today. A great way to add an extra special bit of magic to a letter. We give you everything in the kit to send the Tube back and forth, even the postage for the first mailing!

Write your message, roll it up, and pop it in the Pneumatic Tube. You can even add extra treats in the tube to add an extra ray of sunshine for your awesome correspondent. Send the Tube AS IS - No Box Needed!

Kit Includes
1 Pneumatic Tube
6 Pneumatic Post message forms
Instructions on how to mail
Postage for one mailing

Comes with postage for first mailing
Best mailed at the blue mailbox to avoid possible mail rejection
Not available to our International Members (sorry!)


Safety note
Tubes are for novelty use only and are not intended for children or for use as a toy.

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