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What is my password?
The password is on the back of your member card that was enclosed in your Welcome Package. The Welcome Package is mailed to you when you enrolled in the L.W.A. and takes one to two weeks to reach you, depending on your location.
It is NOT your member number. It is the word in the quotes on the back of your card. Enter it in all lowercase, no quote marks.

What is my username?
The PASSWORD and the USERNAME is the same. So, if your password is "letters" your username will also be "letters".

I lost my membercard / forgot my password. What do I do?
If you lost or forgot your password, email us at 16sparrows (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll help you out. Please include your member # if possible. If you lost your member card, you can get a replacement by sending us a SASE to the PO Box. If you remember your member #, write that on your note and we will reassign you the original #, otherwise we will reassign you a member #.

Having trouble logging in?
Make sure your cookies are on, if that doesn't work, reset your cache. Otherwise, you may have java scripting disabled. If so, you will see text under the login area stating your java script is disabled. Email us if this is the case and we will help you.

Still no luck?
If you still have trouble, drop us an email and let us know! We want our LWAers happy and able to easily access their exclusive items. Contact Kathy or Donovan at16sparrows(at)gmail(dot)com - We will try to get back to within 24 hours and help you solve the issue.

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Get a membership here. If you aren't in the joining mood, we have a select group of LWA items available to the public here.

Letter Writing Social Calendar, World Wide
Check out the calendar below to see when Socials are happening. Letter Socials listed are ones hosted by both the LWA and its members in various cities. Each entry starts with the city location so you can qucikly locate Socials in your area.

This is a community driven calendar, we need your info to add socials to this calendar.
Please email us with Letter Social info to add to this calendar: 16sparrows(at)gmail(dot)com.