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Make a Donation

Help us keep our Letter Socials and Pen Pal Swap free. Donate funds or supplies of any value.
What will your donation fund?
• Envelopes to give to Letter Social Patrons and for Pen Pal responses.
• Stationery to give for free to Letter Social Patrons.
• Postage for Pen Pal responses and thank you notes to members.
• Extra travel expenses to schlep ourselves and supplies to Socials (car rental, bus fare, etc)

You can also send us stamps, supplies, or hellos to:
Letter Writers Alliance
PO Box 221168
Chicago, IL 60622

Recent Donations

Conqueror by Appleton Coated
Donates paper and envelopes for our letter social. All the free stationery we give to letter social attendees are printed on Conqueror paper. The no.10 envelopes we give to patrons are also from Conqueror.

Le Paper Cafe
Anissa Craig of Le Paper Cafe was kind enough to donate a gaggle of washi tape for our Letter Socials.

Member Donations
Vicky from Hong Kong donated fan stationery