The Holiday Order deadline has passed! Last order day for 2014 is Dec. 21st
All orders placed between Dec. 22-Jan. 4th will be shipped after Jan. 5

After years of maintaining two separate (yet linked) shops, we've decided to merge 16 Sparrows under the Letter Writers Alliance umbrella. It is funny that the L.W.A. grew out of 16 Sparrows, and now eleven years later, 16 Sparrows is going back into what it created and you all made so popular. (Oh my, 11 years!)

Donovan and Kathy aren't going anywhere and neither is the majority of the products you love. They are just switching to the L.W.A. line. What is going to change is that we will no longer be producing our sarcastic cards and will be focusing solely on the Letter Writers Alliance. Any craft fairs we do from January 2015 and onward will only have L.W.A. items. We will still be selling 16 Sparrows items until up to the end of the year, so this is not going to be some overnight change.

Thanks for being awesome and we hope to see you at the Letter Writers Alliance!